Moog Ball Joint

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The other name for ball joints is axial joints. These offer a slip joint between the wishbone and the housing of wheel bearing. Mounted on the eye of the wishbone, they are designed to withstand a high level of mechanical pressure and stress. Due to general wear and tear however, this part is normally subject to damage, including breakage in the worst case scenario. In such a case that the part is broken, the wheel may get lost and thus to avoid these dire consequences, one should immediately have their car inspected by a professional car repair shop to have the ball joint problem fixed as soon as possible.

One of the most common types of the ball joint is the MOOG ball joint. A good example is the Moog K8695T Ball Joint, which comes with a pre-installed dust boot to enhance the ease of installation. It features a powder gusher metal bearing design that ensures reduced friction and ultimate strength as the grease flows smoothly through the part. This design also eliminates the need for steering knuckle replacement, saves time and money, thanks to the fact that it is available as a separate component. The bearing surface is also protected from contamination by leaks, thanks to the exclusive cover plate it comes with. For a secure and safe fit, the Problem Solver design includes a large housing.

Apart from just allowing you to save more time and money, the MOOG allows easy installation, strength and durability. However, be sure to purchase the product from an authorized dealer if at all you are looking for an authentic part that will serve your vehicle well for long. This makes it crucial to consider researching on the available dealers before purchasing the auto part.

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