Honda Sh125 Review – Great Motorbike

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Honda SH125 Review

After selling well in Europe, the Honda SH125 and 2009 hybrid created seem to also be popular in the United Kingdom. For riders who opt for a more economical motorbike, the best option is a 125cc motorbike that has gears, opposed to a more powerful automatic transmission. If you are looking for convenience and easy riding, the SH is the better option.

While some UK bikers did not favor the large 16 inch wheels on the SH125, the original model outsold all other models in Europe. It is clear now that that caution was misconstrued. The large wheels provide riders with stability and improve the quality of the ride unlike bikes with smaller wheels. The addition of a disc brake at the rear rather than a drum was one of the amendments from the 2009 model. This change was made mainly for aesthetics as well as to eliminate issues which arose from the then stopper.

While the SH was successful, the original version met criticism for its odd appearance, especially the face. Consequently, the face was revamped to an updated look. Its visage is much sleeker with slight curves, and the rear bodywork is sophisticated with sweeping lines.

However, the engine, transmission and frame remain the same and this is fine because it picks up power smoothly. Therefore, U-turns and maneuvering through traffic becomes much easier. There is little or no vibration and the bike also performs quite well overall.

Honda has claimed that the SH125 gives excellent emission and efficiency, but the data provided is vague and therefore not convincing. For example, the fuel consumption is listed as 97mpg. However, the statistic has no value because the speed and conditions are not listed.

A more realistic figure was derived from an online review of the Honda SH125 which stated that fuel consumption was around 85mpg and this in with stop and start riding in the city and on full speed on the rural roads. The SH is considered to be the best quality when it comes to scooters and this is based on Honda’s track record of being dependable and consistent. Please visit Motoden today for the best scooters and motorbikes.