A Review of the Honda Ps125

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One of the most noticeable things about the PS125 is that it is comfortable, and any other Honda PS125 review you read is probably going to say the same thing. That isn’t a surprise, as Honda of course has an excellent reputation for their motorbikes and their cars, and now for their scooters too. Trying to navigate heavy traffic won’t be a problem as far as you sitting comfortably is concerned, thanks to the large seat which gives you a somewhat commanding position of the road. There are no complaints about the bike’s suspension, and as an added bonus it is easy to get on and off too. The PS125 is well built and reliable too, although one wouldn’t expect anything less from a bike manufactured by Honda.

Honda PS125

There is also more than enough storage space under that comfortable seat and you can probably get some tools in there, as well as your gloves and helmet. The PS125 is more powerful than similar scooters and you can get it from standing to a fast speed fairly effortlessly. Expect to go about 100 mph on a tank of petrol and if you are doing 50 mph, you will probably get the best ride although the PS125 is capable of doing about 65 mph. As for the technical specifications – the maximum torque is 11.5 Nm/7,000 min-1, while the scooter’s comp ratio is 11-1. A 125 cc 4 stroke engine is standard, as well as a liquid cooling system and fuel injection.

The PS125 is a great choice for anyone on a budget who wants a reliable and sleek looking machine, and the bike really does look more expensive than it is. Handling it in traffic is straightforward, and the bike is light and easy to handle and easy to brake, thanks to the linked braking system. And PS, by the way, stands for perfect scooter, which may just be an apt description of the Honda PS125. Take a look at motoden.com for more information and specifications on the Honda PS125, one of the most attractive and reliable scooters to come along in a while.